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A natural and drug-free way to help you sleep better, increase sports performance and reduce or stop snoring

The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is a proven way of reducing or stopping snoring by comfortably opening the nostrils to help air flow through the nasal passages, helping you breathe and sleep, more easily. It is also used by top athletes to help them recover during sleep and to help improve their performance.*

*Improvement in sports performance based on customer feedback.

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Improve sports performance
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The Breathing Relief™ Nasal Dilator is a natural, non-invasive, drug-free device that fits comfortably into your nose and enables you to breathe easily. It can help reduce or cure snoring, aid your sports performance and help you sleep better.

If you are not fully satisfied, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on this product, see our Returns Policy for terms and conditions.


Success Stories


38-year-old Enrico used to snore to the point where he had difficulties breathing, accompanied by a throbbing headache in the morning. Untreated, Enrico would find getting out of bed to be a daily struggle as a result of these symptoms.

Enrico has suffered from breathing difficulties for as long as he can remember. For the past 10 years, he has been using the breathing strips, which not only put a dent in his wallet but caused skin irritations on and around his nose. Frustrated and at a loss, Enrico even went as far as to make his own device from surgical tape and plastic, a discovery he found on the internet, despite knowing that it wasn’t safe.

Recently, he received an email from the British Library, which talked about a new invention that said to improve breathing at night, called Breathing Relief. Enrico went straight on to the website and ordered one that day.

Since receiving his Breathing Relief dilator, Enrico uses it every night, while he sleeps and has noticed that he is more energetic, his skin hasn’t reacted due to the hyper-allergenic patent and he is without his usual morning headache. Being so pleased with the results, he has gone on to personally recommend the product to friends and family members who suffer from similar problems, including his own dad!


"About ten years ago my nose developed Rosacea (following blood poisoning from Peritonitis which had resulted in a major operation). Deviated septums were also involved and the Medicos stated they could operate on the nose to cure the condition both externally and internally during the same operation.

This operation was successful except that one nostril was improved but still blocked at night when laying down.  The doctors advised that to correct this residual problem would involve another operation “which may result in a cure or not”.  I didn’t fancy yet another operation and started using breathing strips which did offer some relief (sometimes combined with a nasal spray) and basically put up with the sleep problem. The doctors did not suggest the use of a Dilator.

I had never tried any Dilator during the next 10 years and as the doctors had not suggested its use I seem to have acquired the view that they were not of much use and continued with the strips/spray.

I bought my Breathing Relief in Waitrose as I thought I had nothing to lose and I still did not expect it to make much improvement. I was wrong.

Initially, I tried the Dilator with the strips and noticed an immediate improvement. After a few weeks I was confident enough to use just the Dilator and now use only the Dilator which is working very well.   After my 4/5 months of use, I feel that the use of the Dilator is also improving the airflow even when it is not inserted by its pushing back the nostril wall during the night into the correct position.  It may be my imagination, but I don’t think so!

On reflection, I very much wish the doctors had suggested trying a dilator immediately when they knew there is going to be a residual problem following the initial nose operation.   It would have helped!


35 year old Hannah*, only found out she was born with a nasal deviated septum when she was 25!  Before her diagnosis, Hannah endured days of breathing difficulties, constant headaches, dizzy spells and snoring during the night. With her symptoms worsening and, at times being unable to drive, Hannah was desperate to find out what was wrong with her.

As a child, Hannah had bouts of tonsillitis that never seemed to go away. During her early 20s she started avoiding smoky environments; not knowing why she had such difficulties breathing. When Hannah found out that she had a deviated septum, she was shocked it hadn’t been discovered earlier.

“ It eventually took something as simple as a doctor to look up my nose to find out what was wrong with me,” explains Hannah.

After her diagnosis, Hannah was presented with two treatments: surgery or medication. Hannah didn’t want the surgery, so started on the medication hoping they would put a stop to her embarrassing problem, which affected her work as a make-up artist. However, overtime she found she them to be ineffective, and didn’t like the idea of being on steroids for life.

After hearing about a product called, Breathing Relief, a drug-free, reusable, nasal dilator she started trailing one at night to see if it would help improve her airflow and stop the snoring.

Two years later, Breathing Relief has become part of Hannah’s everyday life. Using it nightly, to help relieve her snoring, and when she has a cold or feeling congested. Hannah doesn’t go a day without using her Breathing Relief, and best of all her trips to the doctors are now a distant memory!


Wendy, a terrible snorer, would constantly wake up during the night to her own snores which

sounded like a foghorn. Being overweight was not helping her snoring situation but she enjoyed her food too much to diet. She was extremely self-conscious when guests were visiting, so much so that she would make sure she went to sleep hours after her guests! Even her daughter was being kept awake by her snores from another room!

Embarrassed, she turned to breathing strips and a gum shield, but with no success. She would still wake herself up several times a night. So she tried cutting back on alcohol and using sleeping pills, but still there was no difference.

One day she came across an article about a woman with a similar snoring problem. The woman had used Breathing Relief’s nasal dilator, which Wendy had not heard of before. Since it was different to all of the strips and sprays she had tried before she decided to give it a go.

She ordered online from the website and the first night it arrived she jiggled it into her nose and went to sleep. The device kept her nasal passages open during the night and the next day she awoke feeling refreshed for the first times in years. Even her daughter could sleep more soundly!

It is now permanently a part of her bedtime routine and she feels like a whole new person.


Jan West, aged 49, from North London has been suffering with breathing problems for over 17 years.  

Uncertain as to whether it was due to a cold or hay fever she visited her doctor who prescribed steroid spray. It worked immediately and a couple of days later she was able to breathe normally again. 

However, her breathing problems resurfaced again every few months and eventually the steroid sprays stopped working. Her doctor put it down to a possible deviated septum which seemed like a fair diagnosis since Jan couldn’t breathe at all if she laid on her right side.

Two years ago her condition worsened and she was waking up several times a night due to great difficulty breathing. It was at this time that her partner started complaining about her snoring.

Fed up with her situation she designed her own ‘DIY gizmo’ to keep her nostrils open at night. It consisted of a piece of nylon string attached to two plasters with safety pins. The idea was to attach the plasters to either side of her nose and tie the string behind her head so that her airways were open. Whilst fairly effective it was quite intrusive and a little uncomfortable.

One day she came across Breathing Relief’s nasal dilator when reading about collapsing nostrils. It worked the same way as her ‘DIY gizmo’ except it was more comfortable and did not need to be pulled around the head. The double-looped clip fit into each nostril and held her nasal passages open at night. She has been using this device for 8 months and would never again go without it!


Belinda suffered from a snoring husband for many years. “Luckily I am a fairly deep sleeper but I would still wake up several times in the night and the more I woke up the more lethargic I would be in the morning.”

Mrs Pavitt said her husband had tried several other products but he either found they did not work or they were too intrusive. “I only wish I had found this product sooner as it was a struggle when the children were younger to get up in the morning after a disruptive sleep and now, whilst using Breathing Relief, his snoring is almost non-existent.”


Joanne O’Donnell aged 35 has suffered from snoring for as long as she can remember. Her earliest memory of having a snoring problem was back in her early 20’s when she claimed that her snoring would wake the whole house. “I dreaded sharing a room so would make up an excuse not to have to” Joanne.

Desperate and “self-conscious” with her embarrassing, severe snoring habit, Joanne sought specialist advice and was later diagnosed with nose spurs- a small growth in the nasal cavity. Despite initially being given the option to undergo surgery, Joanna evaded this daunting prospect and resorted to a range of expensive snoring medicines including a nasal strip to no avail.

Although it initially worked to give her temporary snoring reliefit it did come with its side effects leaving her with allergies and out of pocket. “I tried every remedy possible but nothing worked” Joanne.

Constant snoring and sleepless nights took its toll not only on her physical well being but also on her new born Chloe. The detrimental effects of inadequate sleep would leave her often feeling restless, cranky and dazed. Realising the sheer extent of her problem Joanna soon heard about Breathing Relief- a drug free, reusable, nasal dilator. Joanna’s snoring since has been a thing of the past- leaving her feeling more confident and reinvigorated every morning. “My first full night of sleep in six years”…“Finally years of torture are over” Joanne.

To her amazement the advanced design of the dilator was fairly easy to use and was incredibly comfortable, making it her number one choice for treating snoring.


Jeremy Wright is the Director of Boileaus Estate Agents in Barnes and like many professionals he is time-starved. The only time he gets to himself is during his morning runs. Mr. Wright tried our product and LOVED it. Breathing properly whilst exercising is so important. ” I found the nasal dilator to be very effective in improving my nasal breathing,” says Jeremy. In terms of his sports routine he has found it to have a good effect on him whilst running.


Myuselim Myuselimov from Germany spent years struggling with his breathing at night. Like 80% of the population, he suffered with collapsed nostrils which can impair nasal breathing forcing breath intake through the mouth instead. Mouth breathing can cause dry mouth which makes the individual wake up in the night to drink water thus disturbing their sleep which has many detrimental side effects.

Myuselim scoured the internet trying to find a solution to his problem. He ordered every available product to try and find one that worked. He is so happy with the product as it fits well and helps him to breathe more easily at night so he feels fresh the next day. “I am using Breathing Relief nasal dilator for sleep and it’s the best dilator there is.

Our Philosophy


At Breathing Relief we believe that everyone has the right to a decent night’s sleep.